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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tea for Two #7

Okay.  I'm old.  I'm set in my ways (some what).  Recently I've been accused of having old opinions and being a fuddy duddy.  Okay.  It's probably true to some extent.
Here's how this all came about.
Things I see on TV grate at me.  Rub me raw.  I don't like what they're calling sit-coms these days.  I don't like all the vulgarity and sexual inuendoes that face us on a daily (hourly?) basis.
I've never watched a full episode of Friends, Sex in the City, Desperate Housewives, or the Simpsons.
I refuse to believe that cowboys in real time used the 'f' word.
I'm from an era where the words pregnant or sex and numerous other words weren't heard on TV.  Lucy and Desi Ricardo (though married in real life as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez) weren't allowed to be seen in the same bed on their TV show.  They had twin beds and when she got (shh!~) pregnant on the show, it was implied but never said out-right.   The closest thing to a cuss word was "Ai-yi-yi".
I never knew about most female hygiene products until I was older and needed them myself.  I didn't get to learn about them from magazines and TV commercials.....those as well as hemorroid products, laxatives, and penile dysfunction.
I remember when they stopped selling cigarettes on TV though they continued to sell beer and other alcohol beverages.  (The real Marlboro man really was nice to look at.)
How far are things going to go?  Is nothing sacred any more?  I worry about what my granddaughters are going to be exposed to before they're even in kindergarten.  I worry about the moral values of those people who are trying to sell products to the average consumer by throwing away the good values that worked for so many years. 
I know I'm ranting and that there are probably some who just might disagree with me about some of these points.  But really.  Where is it going to end? 
How are you going to explain to your daughters what 'penile' means?


5thsister said...

Hey Weezer...sorry to have not been a good blogger friend of late. Dealing with my own demons.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in these thoughts. I'm a "fuddy duddy" too.

Penile dysfunction? Egads!

Jessica said...

Okay, so, I've been thinking along these same lines lately.

I remember when I was little and the word "sexy" wasn't even on TV shows (well, maybe on some, but not on the ones in our house), and now it's on COMMERCIALS for CLEANING PRODUCTS! What in the world?!

Angelia Sims said...

What is really terrible is, you are talking about mainstream television. What is on CABLE?...Ahh!...
I have to agree that is very hard to watch television. I really don't watch much. Survivor, Lost , and The Amazing Race right now. Those are my favorites anyway.

It makes me wonder what shows Jason's girls are going to watch? I mean right now we keep it on ABC family or Disney when they are over.

It is sad and they have gone too far. I think they can easily do the shows without any kind of detail or those retardo commercials!

Stuff could always be worse said...

You said it right! The language is unbelieveable.

Mom said...


Beccalynn said...

You're not a fuddy duddy. I don't want my daughter seeing any of those things. I think not having LUcy and RIcky in teh same bed or saying the word "pregnant" is a stretch but other than that, TV has gone down the toilet, which is why I've been sticking to DVDs lately for my entertainment--I Love Lucy among my faves!