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Friday, January 22, 2010

Update: Father's Illness

Well.  Let's see.  My Diddy seems to be feeling better and for a while they had actually heparin-locked (clamped it off) his IV.  They've let him eat, giving him a 1800 calorie ADA diet. His blood pressures ae more like those of an 83-year old man (not the 60s/39s that he was running in the ER.  No fever.    But......it seems that they're suspecting MRSA (Staph).  The cultures haven't come back yet either confirming or ruling it out, but they've started him back on antibiotics.  If it's the staph infection, it looks like he could be either in the hospital or on home health for antibiotics for 7 days after.

Mom seems to be doing well and holding up.  Every time I talk with her I ask if she's taking her own medicines and if she's eating.  She says she is.  I've got some really good friends over there who are helping out and who will let me know if I need to return.

I appreciate your prayers and concern.  And thanks for listening.


Beccalynn said...

Yikes! MRSA is no joke! I'll pray for him. I'm glad things are looking up, though :-)

5thsister said...

MRSA?! Bad stuff. Good thing he has you! More prayers heading his way!