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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time Capsule - from Reader's Digest, December 1969

I have to confess that these are from the Reader's Digest, December 1969......just six months after I graduated from high school.  Yep, I remember.

Are you a two-job woman?  Then our two-job pill is made for you.  It's One-A-Day Brand Multiple Vitamins Plus Iron - a long name for a little pill that does two big jobs.


Beccalynn said...

So cute!!! I wonder what they'll say about the current Reader's Digests a couple decades down the road. It just goes to show how one culture changes and morphs over the years!

Angelia (Texas) said...

You wouldn't believe all the Reader's Digest my Dad had at his house. The last issue must have just came in, it hadn't been opened.
He was still a big fan. I thought that was neat.

I love these walks down memory lane.