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Friday, December 04, 2009

A Review: "Holding Heaven"

A novella by Jerry B. Jenkins

From the dustcover:  "Holding Heaven offers a fresh perspective on the mysteries of the Incarnation - what it must have been like for the Son of God to walk this earth as a man and for Joseph to raise this son he knew belonged first to Heaven.
Imagine two conversations, some 30 years apart, between the most celebrated person in  history and his earthly father."

And that's exactly what Holding Heaven is.  A recount of two conversations:  first, Joseph attempting to calm his Son, talking to him in soothing tones, telling him the events as they happened up to the time of His birth.  And second, Jesus attempting to calm Joseph, his earthly father, as he lays dying.  Joseph wants to know the details of what is to come, what he is going to miss.
This is a moving book and a wonderful read for this time of the year, when the Christmas story, the story of the birth of our Jesus, is recounted over and over.  If you can't read it now, read it before Easter.
Expect to have your emotions stirred by what you read.



Angelia (Texas) said...

This sounds very emotional and stirring. Something good to fill the heart, I'm sure.

Ninita said...

I did know that you are Jess's mom :). I'm glad I have another blog follower even if I never post. I still don't have internet so I will still be MIA. I am planning a trip to GA in Jan so I will see you then. I do feel that they are cleansing trips :).