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Sunday, December 13, 2009

My blog has been sweetened

From Polly at 5th Sister
Thank you, Polly.  Finding you (or you finding me)  has been a blessing and an inspiration.
So I'm guessing you want me to tell 10 things about myself that may or may not be common knowledge.  This could be difficult.  Here goes:

1.  Both my parents were in the army.
2.  My first little job right out of high school was a long-distance operator. 
3.  I then went to work for the army for 13 years before becoming a stay-at-home Mom.
4.  I was 41 years old with three children, a husband, two cats, and a hamster when I graduated from   Nursing School.....after going 4 years full-time.
5.  I'm a big football fan......Don't know why but I love the Broncos, the Seahawks, and the Cowboys. But I've never been to a professional or college game.
6.  If I had been born in another time I would have been a meteorologist....maybe even a tornado chaser.  I love keeping track of the weather.
7.  I've never been any further west in the United States than St. Louis.  Unless Dallas, Texas is more westerly.
8.  I've been to both Spain and Puerto Rico and the most significant thing I can remember in Spanish is "I've got a headache".
9.  I have no artistic talent.  Can't sing, play an instrument, paint, draw, or even bake well.
and finally,
10.  .......Nope.  Can't come up with a tenth one.  That'll have to do.  As it is, I've borrowed ideas from Polly.

And please, may I pass this 'Sugar Doll' award on to

1.  Angelia at Into the Unknown because she's trying very hard to be a good blogger
2.  Jessica at Adjusting to the World because she's a spiritual inspiration
3.  Deidra at jumping tandem because she has a blog that I truly love
4.  Angelia at Living, Loving, Laughing because she can use a little extra love right now

Thanks again, Polly, for this award.  These things mean a lot to me.


5thsister said...

I'll forgive you for loving the Cowboys because you really are "sweet"! You did well, my friend!

Angelia (Texas) said...

Thank you so much! How did you know I had a sweet tooth? This just made my week. Awesome!

Jessica said...

Sweet! =D I do like to get awards, I must say. Thanks a million....and look at you! Getting awards and EVERYTHING! Hooah!

Deidra said...

Oh my! I am thrilled! Thanks for passing this on. I'm posting my 10 things right here:

1. I was born in Germany
2. I have a tattoo
3. I am a Detroit Lions fan...maybe the only one?
4. I love Modern Family
5. I have dreams (still) of being on Broadway
6. I can play the piano, but I rarely do
7. I was a cheerleader in High School
8. I believe a woman will one day play in the NFL...and she'll be really good
9. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal to cook
10.I am secretly in love with Richard Gere (not such a secret anymore, huh?)

Congratulations to you, Weezer! The award is well-deserved. You are a sweet inspiration to us all!

Angelia said...

Aw shucks! Thanks, mom.