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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Angelia - This is for you

The Smith Family's one-of-a-kind, missed-when-it's-not-put-out
Christmas Pineapple.
Shown here with your sister's nativity.

Added note:  It was brought to my attention that I failed to mention anything about the nativity that is shown here with the 'pineapple'.  It was made by daughter #2 (she might not want me to mention her name) and when I pulled it out to display it, we couldn't help but to notice that Joseph has a mullet and Mary has a receding hairline.  These are things not seen on other nativities.  That alone makes this a rare addition to our decorations.
Also, the question has been raised 'Where's the pineapple?'
It's right there.  That 'tree' was made by daughter #1 when she was in high school (she graduated in 1991).  The first time I put it out as a Christmas decoration one of her sisters called it a Christmas Pineapple.  That's stuck all these years.


Beccalynn said...

Where's the pineapple?

Angelia said...

Thanks Mom! I started laughing so hard as soon as I saw this picture.
I can't believe it's held up this long. I guess great art stands up to the test of time! Of course then again, look at my Nativity egg from what, 30 something years ago?

Jessica said...

You didn't mention Joseph's mullet or Mary's receding hairline! I think they deserve a mention, don't you? =)

Mom said...

It is always things like this that make "Christmas traditions" so special. Diddy still has Larry's Shemo up on the shelf (oh, Shemo was really St Elmo, the school Larry was going to when he made this.

Angelia (Texas) said...

This is so precious!

Jessica said...

Now that's more like it. =) And of course you can mention my name! Credit where credit is due! =D

My word verification is WEDLEDL. Pretty sure that's something Leah says.