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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh, Yes! Another Give-Away

Okay.  So if my last post about the free Michael Buble CDs wasn't enticing enough for you to go and visit Adjusting to the World, this certainly will.  Jessica now has a give-away for 250 personalized stickers/labels from the people at UPrinting.com.  You must visit Jessica's blog to check it out.  My goodness.  You won't even have to pay for shipping.  But you have to hurry.  You've only got until midnight on November 1 to get your entries in.  And there's only one offer.  So go.  Check it out.
Oh.  Let me tell you something extra.  I recently won a poster from the UPrinting.com folks.  I had one of my own photographs enlarged to an 18X24" poster and they did a fantastic job.  If they do such fantastic work with something that large, imagine what they can do with stickers! Now.  It's your turn to make the move over to Adjusting to the World