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Monday, August 24, 2009

Abundant Life

Okay. So today didn't go as I had hoped. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I had high hopes that I was finally going to be released after my surgery (three months ago). I've missed a lot of activities but mainly I've missed being able to get out and work in the yard. I've got flower beds to dig up and limbs to trim and grass to transplant and on and on and on. But it's not to be....yet. The x-rays show improvement but not total healing. I'm in the c-collar for five more weeks, until my return appointment on the first of October.

So as I was feeling pretty sorry for myself this afternoon, I sat down to do my devotional. I picked up Max Lucado's Devotional Bible and what was the title of today's readings but "Abundant Life", which prompted the following:
Just the other day I told Terry, with all sincerity, that I'm sorry that I've gotten where I look so old. Not that I've gotten old, just that I look old.
I realize that I'm getting older and I really don't think I mind it. Most of the time I don't feel my age (except for a few hours earlier today) and sometimes I don't act my age. Everyone around me is aging as well and I think that there are actually some who are aging faster.
My devotional for today says, "Growing old can be dangerous. The trail is treacherous and the pitfalls are many." There's no avoiding it and we should be prepared. God has given us plenty of warning and a bounty of advice. "Those who try to hold on to their lives will give up true life. Those who give up their lives for me will hold on to true life." (Matthew 10:39)
I have much to do while I'm here and I don't plan to let getting older keep me from it. Life is a journey and with the proper planning we will reach the anticipated destination. Life is to be lived, pursued, enjoyed, and treasured. The ultimate goal is not just to live long but to actually live!
Oliver Wendell Holmes began his study of Greek when he was 94. He told a friend, "It's now or never." Age is no enemy. It's a mile-marker ~ a reminder that home has never been so near.
It's going to take more than having to wear a doggone ol' collar for another few weeks to keep me from living. It'll slow me down a bit but I've got lots of living to do.


Jessica said...

Good for you, Ma! I'm proud of you. Hang on to this.