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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27

Twenty-seven years ago today, a 31-year-old pregnant woman went to see her doctor. She was already almost three weeks late from her due date of August 8 and feeling very overwhelmed about the delivery that hadn't taken place yet. She was feeling very large and clumsy, unable to fit behind the steering wheel of the car comfortably. Everything was ready for the baby. Except that it wasn't here yet.
Back in the 80s, there was no ultrasounds done to give a forewarning of the sex of the baby. An ultrasound was done for detection of placenta placement and that was pretty much it. There were no expectations of when an epidural would be done. There were, however, birthing classes that taught you when to a-hoo-a-hee or when to hee-hee-hee. Both Mom and Dad were prepared for the birth. Even siblings were prepared for the new baby and its homecoming.
Anyway. Back to the story. The doctor's visits were down to once a week. The examinations were routine....vital signs, pee-in-a-cup test. All normal and unexpected. Until the words......"Want to have this baby tomorrow?" They were going to induce the baby. She was told how it would be done; when to go to the hospital; how long it was expected to take. Be sure to bring your delivery bag.
With those words still ringing in her ears, the soon mother-to-be drove off to deliver the news to the father-to-be, who was at work. Approaching his office she kept thinking, how am I going to tell him? This baby's going to be here tomorrow!
Getting out of the car she looked up to see her husband coming out of his office. All she could say was, "Want to have a baby tomorrow?"

When Dad was asked if he remembered where we were 27 years ago today, he said, "I'll never forget looking out my office window and seeing you come across the parking lot. You said, "Want to have this baby tomorrow?"

(to be continued)


Jessica said...

I love it! I've heard this story before and it never gets old! I hope I can document and remember every detail of Quigley's arrival so I can always reminisce. (I don't think that's going to be a problem.)

Can't wait for part 2!