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Monday, July 14, 2008

Good news, No news

Good morning, one and all.
I just this past week spent three days/nights in the Epilepsy testing unit at MCG to have a 72-hour EEG/video. I came home Saturday morning and have just now felt like I have gotten some of my energy back. Being shut up in that itsy-bitsy room was very, very confining and I had to deal with that as well as having all the electrodes super-glued to my head and face and being on video camera (unless I went to the bathroom). Fortunately, I could move around the room as much as the leash would allow which was almost to the doorway.
We did get some results from the testing. I had FIVE of the episodes/spells/twitches while I was in there. I had been afraid (well, not afraid) that I would be on one of my long periods of time where I wouldn't have anything to show them. But I did like they wanted and they were all able to see just what I've been doing since April.
The results: They are NOT Seizures!! That in itself is a blessing and I'm so thankful. Now. What they are we don't know. Dr. M. had told me that my original EEG had showed some left-sided activity that was similar to what they see in epileptic patients, but they also see it in non-epileptic patients. They saw some of the same activity patterns this time but nothing during the episodes that indicated epilepsy. So now we're looking at the possibility of some sort of conversion disorder. I still need to do some research on this but I'm understanding that I am either not dealing with something or maybe I am dealing with something that is manifesting itself in physical symptoms. Got all that? Hmmm. I'm not sure I have but the thing is that IF it had been seizures, they could have given me yet more medication to control them and probably over time they would have stopped as quickly as they started. But there is no medication for conversion disorders.
So what do I do now? They are going to refer me to a psychologist to see if they can maybe find out the origin of this, though Dr. M. said that it's possible that I could wake one day and find that I haven't had one of these episodes for a while and they may never return.
For me. I'm happy with the status quo. I'll see whoever they want me to see and just pray that they'll all go away eventually. Now I've got to get back to the issue of my headaches/neckaches/backaches. Still seeing the accupuncuture lady and her husband, the chiropractor. Still not working and haven't worked since the 4th of April. I will probably be terminated from my job for disability purposes. That's okay. Still waiting to hear from the Social Security people though we know they'll probably deny my case the first (and maybe even 2d and 3d) run through.
I'm doing okay with all this. Just wish I could jump in my car and go someplace. That'll come though. I'm sure of it.
Please continue to pray. I'm sure your prayers and thoughts have brought me to this point.


Jessica said...

Mama, I wish I had the answer. I know there is one, though, and I know that it's going to work out. In the meantime, we're all here for you and whatever you need.

I never did ask you how they got those things off your head.