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Monday, June 09, 2008

Weezer again!

With everything I have going on with my own personal health, all I'm able to think about is that I've got two more grandbabies coming! My heart is already bursting with love for these little precious beings.
What a truly magical thing it is that love is able to grow and grow. When we had our own children and were expecting Shelby Jo, I wondered how it could be that I could love more than I already did. But the closer the time came for her arrival, my heart was bursting with affection and caring for her. Now I've got two more on the way and already I'm bursting with pride at having them join us, to expand our family.
When the girls grew up, went to school, found their own soul mates, and married, we felt that our job as parents was done. They were all adults and we had done for them what we could....and we were very proud of the results. We had done a darn good job. Now we have all these little people joining us. And with the help of their parents (our children) and God, we will continue with our nurturing, loving, and teaching. I take on the task willingly!

LORD, now that you have blessed us with these children, the future is of a far greater concern for me. Please help us to raise these children according to Your Word, for if they follow You throughout their lives, they will be heading toward Your beautiful eternity.
I know the world can be a scary place, Lord, and that their walk will not be an easy one, but I also know that You will watch over them and keep them in the palm of Your loving hand.
Father, help us all in our thoughts and actions, so that we may, through You, create a more loving, peaceful world. Let these children reflect Your gracious love to others, as I can only pray I will reflect Yours to them.


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