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Friday, June 06, 2008

Now We Wait

The EEG was done in a much shorter amount of time than what they'd prepared us for. It involved the tech placing purple dots all over my head and forehead then attaching the electrodes all around. I was hooked to a computerized readout of the EEG, recording as it went along. There was also a little video camera recording my actions (in case I'd had a 'spell'). They asked questions like: "Who's the president?", "How old are you?" (the most difficult question), "What's 5 times 5?", and "What month is it?". I was glad they didn't give me a sequence of numbers to remember because that's a difficult task when your mind is a waste-land. They used a sequence of progressing in speed strobe lights that Terry says were placed about five inches right in front of my eyes (my eyes were closed). Then they let me rest. Just about the time I finally went to sleep, it was all over. No seizure-like spell and no unusual activity.
Now we wait until the visit next week with Dr. Seizure-Guru to find out any results.


Jessica said...

Doesn't really seem like that's going to tell you much, does it? Maybe there was something going on that you couldn't see? Maybe?