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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In Training

I'm up much later tonight than I have been since I haven't been working. Forty-eight hours from now I'll have to stay up all night, from midnight until 8:00am, to ready myself for a Sleep Deprived EEG. The hospital called yesterday morning to confirm my appointment and to tell me that I need to be sure to bring a driver with me, that I shouldn't drive until I've rested up adequately after the EEG. They said that I'll be able to sleep during the test but what they didn't say was that they'll be waking me up periodically with loud noises or bright lights. I'm sure they're trying to bring on one of the spells. But what happens if I don't have one when they want me to?

As my Neurosurgeon said when we scheduled this test: "It's to rule out any kind of seizure disorder." Heck. I don't know that I want them to rule it out. If what I've got going on isn't a seizure disorder, then what the heck is it? All lab work has come back normal. CT scans have been normal. MRIs have been normal. Everything's been normal except these episodes that come on with very little warning. I sometimes go for days and days without any problem. Then I'll be blind-sided and have them for consecutive days. The last I had was really bad. I thought I felt another one coming on this afternoon and took some medication for it, which then meant that I had to go to bed for a while. I was sure enough that it was coming that I called and cancelled a dental appointment because I was afraid to get in my car to drive the two blocks to his office.

I don't like this. It's all much worse than the other 'hit in the back of the head' spells that I've had for over a year. These put me totally out of control. I'll be glad to get some answers. I just hope they have some. I'll see Dr. Seizure Guru next week after the results are in.


Jessica said...

None of us like this, Mama. Not one bit. My prayer is that they'll find something and it'll be an easy fix.