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Friday, August 03, 2007

My New Baby ~ Not Yet Named

Yesterday afternoon I was just barely awake from a little nap when the doorbell rang. I hesitated, hoping that whoever it was would go away. (I don't like people at my front door. It's usually someone I don't know and don't want to deal with.) A second ring of the bell. I got up and there stood our neighbors, Cliff and Debbie. I uttered a sign of relief....I know these people. Usually our contacts are over the backyard fence and seeing them at the front door raised questions in my mind.

I swung open the storm door and Debbie said to me, "I know how you are with animals, so......" (Uh, oh). Cliff holds out his hands and there lay a little baby bunny. I didn't even think and said, "Let me get my cage" and went to the attic. As I was walking away I could hear Terry (aka Dad) saying to Cliff and Debbie something to the effect of "You're going to owe me" or "What have you done?".

The little bunny had been shut up in their shed next door for what Cliff thinks was a couple of days. It didn't appear to be hurt but further exam showed a large booboo to it's back (a little larger than a quarter) and some bloody drainage from it's right eye. (Uh, oh. That means it's going to be a while before it's going to be able to be set free.)

It's made it through the night. It's eating and drinking, dropping tiny little pellets in the cage, and loving being loved. (I can tell these things.)The booboo and eye are still rather red and oozy but I think a bit better than when she(?) was presented to me.

Here she is.....her tiny little self.


Jessica said...

*gasp* Her name is Bunner, and there's been a mistake. She was supposed to come to MY house. How cute is she????